Birdcage Resort stand for sustainabilit,
public health and safety

We fulfill all hygiene measures against Covid19!

24 hour emergency service for your problems and medical assistance near the hotel.

We keep your stay as safe as possible from damage from third parties.
The entry and exit door is secured with RFI cards. Video surveillance of all public areas.
Free and insured safe in the room during your stay with us.

We use almost exclusively organic products to ensure the preservation of the diversity of nature and its health. Buy mostly local products to keep the transport route low. Refill the fresh buffet products instead of overfilling them to avoid food waste.
We use oil care products instead of toxic paints to preserve the wooden furniture and windows.

We separate your garbage into glass plastic paper and metal and lead them to the recycling cycle.

We use solar energy for the pool jacuzzi rooms.

No plastic or plastic products, largely use biodegradable cleaning agents / proteins for cleaning.

Buy cosmetics from garnished, secured countries with basic income and decent working conditions.

We use oil care products instead of toxic paints to preserve the wooden furniture and windows.

We offer organic cotton bedding and duvets with goose down feather not from live plucking
also allergy-friendly bedding is available.

We saving electricity in rooms with Power-safer and lamps mainly made of led or energy-saving light bulbs,
also in the hold Resort.

The swimming pool is light salty for a natural chlorine production, the jacuzzi with ozone for disinfection
to safe your skin from iterations.

Only change and wash bed linen and towels according to your wishes in order to keep fresh water consumption as low as possible and to avoid exposure to detergents.

We plant flowering plants to safe the live room for insects and bees

We leave the dates on the palms for as long as possible for wild birds such as parrots

We have water trough and feeding place for songbirds in the garden

From 2022 we plan to feed electricity from solar energy into our network.

Further measures are planned.